Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I hab a code

It's not a stuffy nose cold.
It's a sore throat an coughy cold.

It seems to me that my throat has been sore for weeks, but it is actually only a few days. Hopefully I am on my way to health.

That is all.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Poetry for a rainy day

Rubber Boots
by Roo Borson

In Ontario, in autumn
black and limp, with shining curves,
they are the only footwear for the fields
All year they have lain in
fishy heaps at the back of closets
and now halls and entryways
are lined with them, pair by pair,
dripping onto newspaper,
upright, leaning drunkenly together, or toppled,
helpless as dull black beetles,
their legs in the air.
I remember the morning
Jane fell in love, in San Francisco,
with a pair,
glazed, brilliant as lemons
in the shop window.
But what shines in a wild pacific storm
would leak within minutes
when the world turns to mud
and sucks at the heels
in Elora or Owen Sound.
A gash is an unhappy thing,
especially in black rubber,
when boots are cheap:
the kind thing is to carve
the toes like jack-o'-lanterns
and let them leer
unexpectedly in hallways.
Nothing mourns like a boot
for its lost mate.
You must fill it with water,
and flowers.
Unlike other shoes,
they never smell of possession.
They have mapped the sodden marsh,
trod on ice.
You step into them,
sound and seamless,
with a double pair of thick socks.
You enter the Ark.